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How to apply a sticker on a side-by-side fridge

Read the whole instruction once. After that start applying the sticker according to instruction. NB! If you doubt whether you can manage, you can order application from the closest sticker advertisement company.

side by side fridge beforeside by side designed with interiorsticker

- Spray bottle for applying soap water to the fridge door.
- Plastic or rubber spatula for smoothing the sticker. You can also use other tools at hand which do not scratch the sticker e.g. credit card or driving license. In that case you must wrap a soft cloth (thin sock would be good) around the plastic card.
- Weak soap water. Take 1 table spoon of liquid soap to 0.5 l of water. (Common dish washing liquid recommended, kid’s shampoo or other soap without additives)
- Sharp knife for cutting edges. Switch bladed or detachable bladed knife suits well.
- Scissors for cutting the sticker to measure, measuring tape for measuring, pencil for marking, long ruler.


The sticker can be applied to the door by different ways. The choice may depend for example on the image on the sticker. If there is a picture, which cannot be discontinued in the middle, the inner sides are not stuck and the sticker is discontinued in the opening of the doors. From the point of view of positioning, the easiest way is to stick only front sides of the doors. But we achieve better durability if the sticker is applied around the edge also to the sides of the doors. Children like to poke their fingers under the borders and edges. Applying the stickers round the borders makes it difficult.

Scheme of doors - how the sticker is appliedOn this fridge we applied the sticker around the edges of the doors. Since the handles could be removed, the sticker runs uninterruptedly below the handles.

The diagram shows the cross section of the fridge. Design sticker is marked with red.

1) preparing the room for working

-Clean the room where you plan to start sticking. The cleanliness of the floor is important, since the sticker attaches dust and debris due to static electricity. If the debris gets to the glued surface after peeling off the backing, this will diminish the stickiness of the sticker. It will also show under the sticker after applying it.

2) preparing the fridge door

-Remove the handles if possible.
-Remove the water dispenser on front panel. Check before that the fridge is not connected to the mains.
Concealed screws usually fix the front panel. To remove the panel, also the wires under the panel should
be disconnected. Be aware how they are connected (or take a photo) so that later you can connect them
again. The sticker can also be applied without removing the front panel. It is still easier to do it with
removed front panel and so also the result is more correct.
-Remove the stickers on the fridge and clean the surface carefully from the glue (with solvent, if needed). Clean the fridge surface from dirt.

3) measuring measuring the interior sticker

-Measure the height of the glued surface. If the doors have strips on top or bottom of the door, measure to the borders of the strip -Measure the width of both doors. -Measure the thickness of both doors from inner and outer side. This need not be done if the sticker is not attached applied to the sides of the door. If you intend to cover the external sides of the door, for example, measure only the sides in addition to the width of the door.

4) cutting the sticker to measure and marking the center marks

-mark the height of the glued surface on the sticker and add 1 inch. Cut the remaining parts with knife or the scissors. Depending on the image, see if it is suitable to cut from the top or bottom edge. You may also cut part of it from top and part from bottom. In case of ornaments and many other images it is not important from which edge to cut. -Now you need to peel off a piece of sticker suitable for both doors. The width of the door piece depends on whether the sides are stuck or not. In case of sticking both sides of the door, start from wider door. Add the width of the door and the sides and add 1 inch. Mark the measure on the sticker with the pencil. Now you should check whether there is enough sticker left for the other door and sides. If there is not enough width of the sticker left, do not add 1 inch. In that case the sticker should not cover the whole side of the door but only half. We cut the sticker of the other side to measure later when the first one has already been applied to the door. Then we can fit the continuation of the pattern if needed.

In sticking only one side of the door, the external one is usually stuck. Inside the sticker runs only to the edge of the door. This method is necessary if sticking the edges from the middle would disfigure the image on the sticker. Measure the width of the wider door to the sticker, add the width of the external side and add one more centimetre. Mark the measure to the sticker and cut the sticker half. Then mark the width of the narrower door to the sticker and add width of external edge + 0,5 inch. Cut the sticker to measure.

When you stick only the front side of the door, mark the width of the door +1 inch reserve to both pieces of the sticker. Cut the pieces

The last preparatory action is to mark the central points to the sticker and the door. The mark of the central point is made with the pencil to the upper and lower edge of the door and upper and lower edge of the sticker. There is no need to mark the central point if the sticker is applied so that the sides of the doors remain without the sticker but the external sides are covered. In that case the inner side is applied directly against the edge of the door and central points are not necessary.

5) application spraying the side by side fridge door with soapy solution

a) spray plenty of soap water to the applied surface. If you also stick the sides of the door, spray water also to the other door of the fridge; otherwise the sticker might stick to the other door as well ( see photo 3)

b) peel the backing carefully off from the sticker.

(4) Ask for help for that. When peeling off the backing, try to hold the sticker horizontally and also peel the backing horizontally by holding the loose side near the sticker. The helper must hold from removing backpaper from the stickerthe corners of the sticker first released from the backing. At the same time peel the backing off calmly. Be careful with the last edge. Hold the last peeled edge against the ground. During this action there is a danger to damage the sticker if it gets stuck to something or wrinkles. Spray soap water also to the glued side of the sticker.

C) Apply the sticker to the fridge by following the previously marked central points. At the top side, the sticker could be applied directly against the upper edge or upper edge strip. If the upper edge of the door is not horizontal but ascending or descending line towards the sides, apply the sticker by ca 1 cm over the upper edge. Press the sticker softly only from top. Check the lower edge whether the central point marks are facing each other. You may also view from afar whether the sticker lies straight. If you need to arrange it, pull the sticker loose and apply again. If needed, more water can be added so that the sticker would not get stuck before it is at its correct place. If the inner sides of the door are not covered, you need to act differently. In that case the sticker is applied exactly against the inner upper corner of the door (if there is a strip on top, then against the border of the strip). Now the inner edge should be aligned exactly vertical against the inner edge. The sticker may reach over the edge for 1-7 mm. The remaining part is cut later and that little loss usually does not create any deformations in the picture.

d) Check whether the sticker lies at its correct place. If it is askew, you can remove it
and re-apply.

e) with pressing with the spatula, remove carefully the water fromsmoothing the sticker and pressing out water with spatula under the sticker with the direction from the center towards the sides. Do not press too hard. Too hard pressing may scratch the sticker. Smooth all over the sticker with the spatula and try not to miss any part of it. Check by looking aside that there won’t be any bubbles under the sticker. Smooth the bubbles out. If there are some bubbles in the middle and you are not able to press it towards the edges make a hole to the bubble with the needle and press water from
all sides towards the hole. (5)

6) applying the edges

a) smooth the edges of the sticker around the edge of the door with the spatula. Stretch the sticker by smoothing it with the spatula. (6) b) If there are strips on upper or lower side make cuts to the corners so that you are able to apply the sticker around the door edge. Start the cut from the border of the strip, above the edge of the door and make a diagonal cut until the edge of the sticker. (7,8)

Applying the sticker to the side of the refrigeratorcutting the corner of the stickerCut corner of the sticker

Trimming the corner

c) press the sticker to the side with the sharper side of the spatula (or plastic card without the protective cloth) iron the groove to the border of the strip so that the sticker lies tight against the door.

d) cut the remaining part of the sticker with a knife. Hold the knife across with the sticker and softly against the strip. (9) Repeat it with all corners and smooth the edges properly. (10)

e) cut the remaining parts of the sticker reaching over the edges. Hold the knife across with the surface of the sticker and against the edge of the door. With the other hand stretch the cut stripe. You achieve the best result with one cut. (11)
NB! Try not to damage the seal of the door. The blade of the knife must not reach the seal.

Streching edge of the sticker to the side of the fridge door.Cutting off the excess sticker.

7) trimming the border of the strip.

the edges of the sticker extend over the strip in case of the fridge with the strips. Also in case of the fridge without Pressing into molding with spatula.strips, the upper and lower borders may overlap. They should be cut properly. For that drag with the sharper edge of the spatula or the plastic card along the border of the strip so that the sticker shears slightly from the edge of the strip and is fixed properly against the door (12). b) cut the sticker alongside the border of the strip. The pressure should be strong enough to cut the sticker but not too strong to cut a strong furrow to the enamel of the door. (13) Remove the rem­nants of the cut and smooth the edge once again.(14)

Cutting out the moulding.Peeling off excess sticker.

8.) Attaching the sticker to the other door..

a) if you chose the sticking mode where all sides of the doors are covered with the sticker, you haven’t cut out the sticker of the other door yet. If the image on the sticker does not need to be fit with the picture of the other door, just measure the width of the door and add the width of the sides and add 2 more centimetres. If the pattern or the picture must smoothly match the other door, first try the sticker on the door. Try the sticker to the door (do not remove the backing yet) and with a helper turn the inner side inside. Look from afar whether the picture needs to be fitting the pattern or not. Shift the sticker so that the result satisfies you. The helper holds the sticker in the chosen position. To the upper edge fracture where the sticker turns around the door inside, make a little mark with the pencil. Put the sticker down and measure the mark to the same distance at the bottom.Now add the thickness of the door from inside + 1 cm from the mark towards the edge and cut the remaining part. You fit the other edge if you add to the just cut edge the width of the door + thicknesses of the door from both sides

+ 2 cm. Mark that measure on the sticker and cut to measure.If you chose the sticking mode where the sticker does not reach over the door corner, there is nothing else to mark.

b) spray soap water on the door. Avoid wetting the loose wires, which may reach out of the dispenser opening. If needed, tape the dispenser hole with the film and spray water there as well.If the sticker is turned around the door corner, spray the water to the already stuck door since during the first application the part of the sticker for the edge of the door may stick to the other door.

c) peel carefully off the backing (see photo 4).

d) spray water to the glued side of the sticker

e) place the sticker to the door with the helper.Applying the other sticker
The way of application where the sticker goes to the inner edge of the door: Check that relevant marks
are exactly at the place where the door panel transforms into the side of the door from inside.
The way of application where the sticker is not applied to the inner edge of the door: Place the sticker
against the edge of the door with the inner edge. If the edge is not straight, you may apply the sticker a
couple of mm over the edge.

Press lightly from top edge Check from afar whether it is straight. To correct it, peel the sticker off and reapply. (15)

9) placing the sticker around the dispenser hole

a) if there is a dispenser, mini bar or other opening on the fridge door, it is the right time to deal with it when the Cutting hole for ice dispencersticker’s upper edge is lightly at its place but it has not been smoothed from other parts. First see that the sticker falls straight and without folds to the opening If needed, correct the sticker by peeling it off.

Cut carefully (do not damage the wires) an approximate opening, smaller than the dispenser hole to the film. (16)

If the cover strip cannot be removed, cut first an approximate hole to the sticker.

Now start enlarging the opening bit by bit by moving closer to the edge of the opening For the opening with removable front panel, cut to the edge of the opening. (17) In case of a mini bar or not removable front panel cut the sticker almost until the edge. Cutting off excess sticker from ice dispencerThen make the diagonal cuts with the knife towards the strip or edge of the opening.

It is very important to see that the sticker does not tear around the opening. If there are folds somewhere peel the sticker off from the upper or lower side and apply smoothly around the opening. For the sticker to be applied without problems, the opening strips or other higher parts should not hinder the application of the sticker on the surface of the door. That’s why the cuts are made to the edges.

Finished opening before placing the front panel.

(18) If there is an opening the cover panel of which cannot be removed, the edges of the sticker must be ironed against Trimmed opening of ice dispencerthe edge of the panel with the spatula or card. Then cut the remaining sticker with the knife alongside the edge of the cover panel.

10) applying the sticker, fixing the edges, trimming a the edge of the strip and sides.

Smooth the sticker to its place.
Turn the sticker around the door edges, if needed.
Finish the edges of the strip.
See points 5-7.

11) placing back the removed details.

If you removed the handles, find the screw holes with finger. Make the holes to the sticker. Screw back theIce dispencer ready
Place back the front panel of the dispenser, if you removed it.

Congratulations, you have successfully applied the interior sticker! Enjoy!