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How to apply a sticker on a regular fridge

- Spray bottle, a sponge and/or a soft cloth to apply the soapy solution to the door;
- Plastic or rubber spatula (or any other flat edge that will not scratch the surface such as a credit card, ruler or driver’s license) to smooth out the sticker;
- Mild soapy solution (dish detergent, baby shampoo or any mild soft soap);
- Pen knife, box cutter or a razor blade to trim the edges of the sticker;
- Scissors to cut the sticker to size, a measuring tape, a pencil and a needle;

1) Preparing the Door
- If possible, remove all handles, knobs, door locks and fixtures;
- Using a solvent and/or cleanser remove any stickers and all residual dirt and grease from the surface of the door;
- Measure the height of the surface you wish to cover. If there is more than one door, measure each one separately;
- Use a pencil to mark the center and upper/lower edges of the fridge door.

2) Preparing the Sticker
- Cut the sticker to the right size, leaving a spare inch on top and bottom. If you have more than one door, cut a separate sticker for each door being sure to allow an extra inch on both the top and bottom of the sticker;
- Mark the mid-point of the door(s) on the sticker(s).

-If it is not possible to remove the handles of the fridge, you must create a “cut out” for it by measuring to the handle location and cutting a hole in the sticker which is slightly smaller than the handle. Place as described below and gradually trim off any excess and fit to size.

Note: Finished edges will be trimmed once the sticker is in place.

3) Placementspraying the refrigerator door with soapy solution
a) Apply the soapy solution both to the door and the glue side of the sticker, using a spray or a sponge (Fig. 1). Use plenty of soapy water – the more water, the eazyer the placement.

Note: Be careful not to get the sides of the door wet.

b) Carefully peel the paper backing away from the sticker;
c) Place the sticker on the door and align the marked points on the door with those of the sticker;
d) Visually check for proper alignment. If the sticker is misaligned, remove it and promptly reapply before the soapy solution dries;
e) Next take your flat edge (spatula, credit card, ruler) and using gentle pressure drag the edge from the center of thesmoothing refrigerator sticker with spatula sticker outwards to remove any excess water under the sticker. (Fig. 2)

Note: Check for bubbles of air or water under the sticker. Wipe away any excess water.

f ) If your fridge has moldings, press the sticker carefully onto the moldings.

g) Next, press the remaining portion of the sticker around the edges of thedoor and trim the sticker with a sharp pen knife or razor. For a clean cut, hold the knife at a 90 degree angle with respect to the door while holding the sticker taut with the other hand and evenly trim off the excess (Fig. 3);

Note: Be careful not to damage the rubber seal around the door.

h) Repeat the step above along the molding edge (Fig. 4)how to cut off excess sticker

4) Finishing Touches
a) Using a sharp tipped tool, find the holes for the door handle and pierce the sticker to enable reinstallation of the handles.
b) Check the surface for any trapped soap bubbles and use a needle to pierce the bubble and gently flatten the surface by pushing inwards towards the needle-hole.

Invite your family and friends over and step back to admire your handiwork and your new kitchen.

Design stickers can also be applied elsewhere.cutting off next to moulding

If you are not confident that you can install your interior sticker properly, we recommend that you consult with one of our distributors or contact a local art store to hire professional assistance.