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How to apply a sticker on a laptop

How to apply your laptop sticker:

  • Soft cloth and cleanser.
  • Small non-metal putty knife or any plastic straight edge such as a credit card or driver’s license.
  • Sharp pen knife for cutting the edges.
  • Measuring tape, ruler, pencil and needle.

1) Preparing the laptop

measuring the laptop and marking centerpoint– Clean the surface thoroughly and remove all dirt, grease and residual adhesives.
– Measure the width and height of the laptop cover.
– Mark the midpoint of the widest side of the laptop with a water soluble marker.

2) Preparing the sticker

– Overlay the sticker (do not remove the backing yet!) onto the laptop and center the image to estimate trimming and placement.
– Mark the center of the sticker (on the back) with the pencil.
– Using a pen knife and a ruler, trim off the excess (if any) of the longer side to fit the laptop. NOTE: The shorter sides are trimmed only after the sticker is applied.

3) Sticker Application

peeling off backpaper of the sticker
a) Remove the backing of the sticker starting from the longest side to about 1”- 1.5” and curl it slightly back. (Photo 2 & 3)

b) Align the edge of the sticker carefully with the two midpoints on the laptop and sticker (photo 4). Check alignment and reposition as needed being careful not to stretch the sticker. Gently smooth across the applied edge with your index finger to anchor the sticker to the laptop firmly.

positioning the sticker according to centerpointbackpaper peeled

c) Next, turn the laptop so that the wide edge you just applied is opposing you. Reach under the sticker and evenly pull the backing away from the sticker while keeping it straight. Try not to let it flop or fold while smoothing the sticker across the surface of the laptop.

applying the sticker and smoothing it with spatula

d) Smooth the sticker as you go with a plastic straight edge ruler,   non-metal putty knife or ID card (photo 5) and reapply as necessary to eliminate folds and bubbles. The entire sticker should now be in place and the backing may be discarded.

cutting off the excess sticker

e) Begin to trim the edges to size by holding the knife parallel to the side of the computer. (photo 6). One straight, continuous cut gives the best results.
NOTE: The pen knife should be very sharp in order to cut the sticker edge evenly. It is recommended that you use a new blade with each application.

WARNING: To avoid cutting the laptop cover, try holding the pen knife at a 90 degree angle so that the blade edge is cutting the sticker while the flat side of the blade faces the computer.

f) To finish, shine a bright light across the sticker and check to see if there are any bubbles. Smooth the surface and remove bubbles by gently lifting a small portion of the sticker to release air towards the edge. You may also remove air bubbles by inserting a pin/needle into the bubble and pressing the air out of the hole from all sides.

Your laptop redesign is complete! Look and admire!

If you wish to change your design, removal is easy. There will usually not be any traces of glue on the surface. If you can see some residual adhesive, use a desiccant or non abrasive cleanser to remove.