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Decorative stickers by Anu Purre

Anu, one of the most original and underestimated drawing artist in Tallinn today. Her insightful floral universes started as a deep self exploration. Today she has thousands of them, and her universe is expanding faster than our Milky Way.

Anu is a curator, calligraphy art tech and composition teacher, museum educator and educator of art teachers. Now large share of time goes with drawing and various art shows.

She tells us about her ways: “I have discovered cool ways to use markers as well as a new sketchbook method. This has fascinated me for three years and has become my creative lifestyle. I sometimes create my patterns in cafés or even while riding public transport – I am creative wherever I am.”

Here are some samples of our new master:

Sketchbook calligraphy 2 calligraphy 1 Watercolor 2 Watercolor 1


Floromania 2 Floromania 3 Floromania 4Floromania 1

See also our new fridges by Anu: http://interiorstickers.co.uk/designs/

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