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Anu´s crazy-fun kitchen decoration

Colourful new year to you!

Well, eventually I could not resist and decorated my fridge with Anu Purre´s Floromania. It´s bit awkward to admit, but sometimes I just sit in the kitchen and look at it. There are so many details and shades, it´s impossible to fit onto a computer screen. A true piece of art by our genius drawer. Here is some evidence of the process and the final result.







Fridge stickers

The original idea was to turn each plain and boring fridge into a shiny piece of art. Here are some samples, how much people agree.

Wooden fridge by Interior StickersOrchids by Interior StickersFork by Interior StickersBee at a photoshoot by Interior StickersAmerican indian by Interior StickersDesert sticker by Interior StickersMoss by Interior StickersElephants by Interior Stickers

Call ´em refrigerator stickers or fridge stickers or skins or decals – the idea is just the same. Together we make the world a little more beautiful.

Recent works

We have not prepared a decent portfolio just jet. There are some blogs and magazines, who have wrote about us. Please see our works in those publications.

  • http://freshome.com/2010/11/30/eye-catching-stickers-for-redesigning-a-homes-personality/
  • http://dornob.com/fantastic-photo-quality-wall-fridge-laptop-stickers/
  • http://www.designwagen.com/kitchen-interior-decorating-with-customized-wall-decals-stickers-by-kodu-design/
  • http://recklessbliss.blogspot.com/2010/12/its-giveaway-day_13.html
  • http://morewaystowastetime.blogspot.com/2009/04/cool-stuff-kodu-design-refrigerator.html
  • http://www.younghouselove.com/2009/07/fab-freebie-stick-it/
  • http://blog.milk-and-honey.co.uk/2009/09/makeover-your-appliances-with-stickers.html

Revolution in room design – Interior Stickers

Interior Stickers is announcing its grand opening at Interiorstickers.co.uk. The e-store offers digitally printed photo quality room size stickers for wall, door and appliance surfaces. Our high quality, easy to install, removable products will bring joy to every do-it-yourself home decorator and professional interior designer.

Interior Stickers offers a new way to decorate interiors; home appliances, walls, doors and other large surfaces with an instant solution that adds a whole new dimension to your living or work space environment. We make blending appliances even easier with an instant alternative to expensive designer refrigerators, woodframing and custom paintwork. (more…)