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Archive for the ‘Interior’ Category

Creative Eco-Reminder Stickers by Hu2


The dressed-up furniture series

The theme of “Dressed-up furniture series” is to combine clothes and furniture. It will make you feel fresh by mixing the familiar elements of normal actions like fastening a button and daily furniture like stool, storage and bench.


Contemporary Radiator Colorful Design Like Lego Set

The Brick project is inspired by a shared emotional icon. This new line of steel radiators is made of a series of modular elements in various sizes able to create horizontal or verticalpatterns by combining different colors according to personal taste. Like a building bricks game, the Brick elements can be combined side by side or one on top of the other depending on the space available and the necessary heat yield.


WILLIAM MORRIS (1834-1896)

William Morris (1834–1896) was the single most influential designer of the nineteenth century. Morris was a political theorist, scholar, translator and publisher, an environmental campaigner, writer and poet as well as an outstanding designer. Under his direction Morris & Co. grew into a flourishing and fashionable decorating firm renowned for its wallpapers and textiles.

Today Morris & Co. guarantees authentic versions of those designs alongside new interpretations, using innovations in printing and weaving technology to create up-to-date fabric and wallpaper designs with timeless appeal.

More : http://www.william-morris.co.uk/

Surrealistic Wallpapers

These fantastic surrealistic wallpapers are designed by German company Surrealien. They can easily help you to create plenty of optic illusions in any of your room. You can warp the patter of the wallpaper over existing objects on the wall. Thanks to that windows, switches, sockets, pictures, doors and all other stuff on your walls can become part of continuous patterns.

Read more: http://www.digsdigs.com/surrealistic-wallpapers-that-add-some-fun-to-any-room/#ixzz1J6TY3fgm

Child`s Play by Yusuke Suzuki

Imaginative photographer Yusuke Suzuki has created a page turner of a bed  that looks like an oversized book. At night it is opened up for sleepy heads to sleep in and during the day it is shut closed to create enough space for children to play in their room.