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Looking for fresh home decoration?

We will turn your fridge into a real looker. Is it white or gray, brand new or aged, smudgy and bashed – our magic works! Interior Stickers will give it a new look and you will love it not only for “what´s  inside”.

Hear what our happy do it yourself designers say:

Dream landscape from VäimelaRuth´s fridge took some extra work . She wanted all the sides of her fridge covered with our Dream landscape – so we made a larger version of it. And one for the dishwasher. But the effort was worth it. Now all of her appliances feel cozy in her cute wooden home.

We had a very lovely customer from Charleston, South Carolina. After the application she wrote us: “It’s just GORGEOUS! GORGEOUS! We didn’t do such a bad job … “. Thank you Leah for sending back a picture of your work.

Striped fridge sticker from AustraliaHi Ian , sticker looks terrific mate – think I might have a few more orders for you soon. Here’s a couple of pics.
Thanks.Steve from Heathcote Junction

After applying Interior Stickers, my fridge looks just brilliant. Everyone comments on how cool it looks. It made such a difference to my kitchen. The service from you was excellent. I recall how you delivered especially in time for my dinner party, and kept me in the loop by email. I highly recommend Interior Stickers to anyone who wants to jazz up their fridge.

Clive from Auckland

Here is some extra information for you to read, if there´s nothing to watch on Youtube or if the internet is out of news:

Covering the door of a fridge with a sticker is a good idea since…

  • Refrigerator decal helps to blend appliances well with the home decoration.
  • Interior Stickers photo and graphics look superb in the kitchen.
  • Fridge sticker is way cheaper than buying a designer refrigerator.
  • Cheaper than building cabinetry or wood framing the unit.
  • Covers surface scratches on the old fridge and protects the new one from damage.
  • Fridge stickers are removable and can be replaced with new images anytime.
  • After home decoration or relocation update your fridge with a new look.
  • You can apply the fridge sticker yourself according to our easy to follow manual and inteior design ideas.
  • Or you may contact a nearby company dealing with lightboxes, advertiments, home decoration and promotional stickers to assist you.
  • Refrigerator decals are printed on quality adhesive film. The sticker adheres beautifully to any smooth surface and is easily cleaned with a soft moist cloth.
  • In case of smaller surface the remaining can be cut. Custom designs for any interior design idea are also made to order.


We provide fridge stickers for both standard and side-by-side refrigerators. The height of each sticker is two meters or 79 inches. You can also cut the sticker to fit a shorter dorm size fridge or narrower mini fridge. With proper care and clean application fridge stickers remain for years and add beauty and character to home decoration.

Home decoration gallery

Interior Stickers provides many different images from photographs to paintings in seven subject categories. You can select from our assortment of images in the Home decoration Designs gallery. You can order home decoration designs as fridge sticker, laptop skin or canvas printout.

Special orders for any interior design idea

We also custom order fridge stickers from high resolution images of your choice to any size you desire. You can find more information about resolution and sizes on the User manual page. To place a special orders, please send us an e-mail: info@ interiorstickers.co.uk. Prices vary according to the size of the home decorationsticker and volume of additional works and order quantity.
Price: £ 53 standard/ £ 69 side by side